Jasper versus BIRT

It is common in any business, just gathering data is useless. In this era where data is gathered around every nook and corner, it  needs to be presented and/or delivered visually for the decision makers to analyze and make better decisions,  and also help them to weigh/gauge  the impact of the decisions made earlier.

This is where Business Intelligence (BI) tools come into the picture.

Here, I want to compare the most used/popular open source report generating Softwares which are Jasper and BIRT reporting tools.

Jasper versus BIRT – Infographic

Jasper versus BIRT


After working on BIRT and JasperSoft, I came to the  conclusion that both has own advantages and disadvantages. Both of them are powerful if their functionality is utilized properly and correctly. Both have professional services and support and forums.

But , Jaspersoft has taken more liking because of its community edition of JasperServer. For many applications,  the server functionalities such as report management, user management, security, and more  are essential.

Using a report server lets report developers focus on report creation and the ideal presentation of data, instead of having to code up these separate functionalities. If report server capabilities are important to your application, and you are determined to go the open source route, then you should consider Jasper.

You are welcome to share your opinion below in the comments section.

Happy Report Generating!…

      Article by Manju Hariharan

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