The Drummer Joshua David

How I ended up  Drumming the Drummer?

While waiting for my kids to finish their Piano lessons, I was introduced to this Drummer- Young Teacher Joshua David. He is a student at USCI  University, doing his major in drums. From the way he talked, I was intrigued and impressed by the maturity he showed.

Few years back, I had enrolled my son Jay in drum lessons (different teacher). At that time, he was only 6 years old.  All of us know playing drums is very physical. Since Jay is a very active boy, I thought he will like drumming  and it will suit his personality. But after taking the lessons for almost a year he  refused to continue his drum lessons. The reason he gave is “I  do not like the noise”. To my surprise, he preferred learning Piano. Also, he said, ” if you like why don’t  YOU learn Mummy” because I was the one who likes “that noise”. That made me ponder that thought. Why not? There is no age limit in learning anything. So when I talked to this young teacher Joshua David, he sounded very positive and he was  brave enough to accept me as his student. That’s how I started my drum lessons.

After completing few lessons, I am amazed at the benefits of drumming which encourage me to keep going. Though I am a slow learner,  I am more determined to continue the lessons because of my teacher and the benefits I am getting by learning to play drums.

Let me share few benefits of drumming…

Benefits Of Drumming

Music lifts our spirits, brings fun and creativity into life, and can even calm our mind.

Music has an amazing ability to make you feel more energized. It is the only universal language heard across the world in the same manner. Music is healing in nature and introducing music to your child early on in life has great benefits.

Coming to drumming, setting the tempo in any song  is  mainly drummers responsibility. To maintain the tempo, the beat, the rhythm one needs so much of concentration.

So drumming is very good for improving your focus and concentration.

For kids, drumming helps students ability to focus and compliment their studies.

It’s fun, it’s physical, If you need to vent, what better way than to hit something?

Drumming helps reduce stress in a number of ways.

Drumming activates both sides of the brain and  helps the mind achieve hemispheric coordination which leads to greater insight ie deeper self-awareness.

Drumming connects us to the natural rhythms all around us.

Our bodies have natural rhythms, our heart beat rules us.

Drumming is about timing and ” hand-eye-brain coordination”  which needs intense focus on the “Now – the present moment”.

Drumming develops muscle memory, just like riding a bike  or driving a car.

According to research, drummers have a rare, innate ability to solve problems.

So after joining the class, many questions were popping up in my head. I wanted to drum the drummer, my teacher.

He has achieved a lot for his age, only 22 years. He has already performed  in many concerts in the Asian countries Singapore, Hong kong, and Taiwan. He started teaching drums  when he was 15-year-old.  He loves to teach. He bought his first drum set which has cost RM15000  with his own  hard-earned money when he was only 15.

Here is more information about this young Musician.


I understand you were born into a musical family. Your dad is Lawrance David, a Guitarist. But 

how did you get attracted to drums?

“Some how drums were my first attraction and passion from very young age. Maybe I liked “the noise” as your son says! Hahaha!”

When did you first play the drums?

“I started when I was 6 years old with the help of my Dad. Then by 9 years old I started going for drum lessons”

Who was your teacher?

“I learned from many. One among them, I am proud to say is  “Jerry Flix – Rock Drummer”

How long do you practice?

“Normally I practice more on weekends which is around 8 hours per day. Other days 3 to 4 hours”

Who did you grow up listening to? Who were some of your early influences, drumming-wise?

” I listened to  – Benny Greb – German Drummer, Dave Weckle – American Jazz Fusion Drummer, and Ian Paice – English Musician”

From Malaysia, the drummer I have great respect is Louise Pragasam – world class Drum Master.”

What do you think makes a good drummer?

“A good tempo – sticking to tempo makes one  good. Also, the foundation techniques should be good. Like any other profession, focus and dedication also important”

Can you share one of your shining moments?

“I remember one concert vividly I played in Penang. I was only 15 years old. It was a Euration Carnival. After the concert, many came back stage and congratulated me for my performance. That was a big audience, around 2000 to 3000 people.”

How often you play in concerts?

“Once or twice a month. I have played for  the bands Black Ribbon, Magneto Spheres and Small Stone. Now I am with Chika Waka”.

What is your future goal?

” To be recognized as a good Drummer,  Also I love to teach. So I am aiming to become a Lecturer in a University.”

What was the toughest piece you encountered? And how did you master it?

“Spain – Stevie Wonder  and Rosanna – Toto “

” I had to practice for 3 months, 6 to7 hrs per day when I was 17 years old”

Your proudest moment?

“When  a student performs a tough piece for him, I feel proud and more satisfied. Teaching gives me greater satisfaction than me playing a great piece.”

Any more questions to ask, you can reach him at

Final  take away

When it comes to  mastering any instrument, we need great focus for a longer period of time. So by introducing kids to instruments when they are young, as parents we can help them develop such deep focus for a longer amount of time.

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